Yeo's, a brand that has been around for many decades, started in Singapore & expanded to Malaysia, has established their mark in the global stage as a leading F&B company. Pioneering in their ever popular, canned Curry Chicken, bottled but later packeted Soya Bean Milk & Chrysanthemum Tea, Yeo's diversified their product range with a series of other inhouse drink flavours, condiments & instant noodles.

Yeo's Malaysia has an upcoming weekly lucky draw event in conjunction with Ramadan months leading up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri. To boost digital reach for the campaign, a landing page will be created from Yeo's print advertisement assets & advertised through social media. The objective of the landing page is to get people excited to participate in the event by following 3 simple steps & stand a chance to win a grand prize of a Proton X70.

I have been designing Yeo's Malaysia seasonal campaign landing pages from time to time & they all share an identical design structure, thus I was able to combine designing & development into one process. This saves time by simply duplicating the existing web foundation & replacing old assets without the need to make much changes to the responsive.

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