Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a government-linked private university wholly owned by (TNB) Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia’s electricity provider, in their approach to help nurture future talents in the field of engineering, information technology & business and accounting. With 22 years since its establishment, UNITEN continues evolving through current times to provide better education & infrastructure for their students.

UNITEN is currently rebranding by taking on a whole new marketing strategy. Utilising social media paired with a brand video & a fresh new website, they are pushing for more enrolment application digitally. A landing page will be created to bring in application leads while briefly showing the available courses offered. The landing page will feature 4 faculties in their respective pages, each with a similar design but has a different core content.

I analysed UNITEN’s website & took pointers. They were heading towards the hero student concept in their sliders, video & banners, applying focus at specific individuals at a time. This concept helps potential juniors visualise themselves in the students’ standpoint, of what it feels like to be studying in UNITEN. I took the concept & paired it up with an orange over white theme to produce a warm welcoming feel to the landing page. Moreover, I gave each faculty its own colour association, to help viewers differentiate each faculty better.

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