ST Tiew Dental Group Sdn Bhd has over 40 dental clinics in towns around Malaysia & over 70 experienced dentists serving under its banner. They cover almost all forms of oral care services, teeth aesthetic treatments & surgical dental procedures. They stand by their philosophy to treat dental problems of the community with professionalism in hopes to make you smile. To keep up with the quality of professionalism, new dental technologies & methods, the group would constantly send their dentists for programmes that would enhance them wholesomely.

Their present website has poor presentation & lack of proper spacing, thus it feels too rigid & cluttered. Hence, ST Tiew Dental Group opted for a total revamp of their website. They had 3 primary concerns, firstly, they wanted the look & feel of the homepage to represent the group better. Secondly, testimonials have to appear in the homepage & properly presented. Thirdly, the team line-up page & the branches page must be filtered based on the region, this is so that viewers can easily identify the right dentist or clinic available within their location.

While designing the mock-up, I realised their Corporate Identity colours of brown & orange were overly used in their present website, considering the two colours are not typically ideal in representing dentistry. I reduced the amount of these colours while keeping the design entirely white & grey, to give a clean & spacious look which fits the industry.

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