Sugarcraft Baking & Culinary Academy was founded by Chef Elisabeth Siahaja, a profesional baker by trait, who wrote baking recipe books while manning her small home bakery before expanding her business into an academy. The academy offers numerous courses & one-off classes for all age groups to participate & develop their culinary/baking skills. Sugarcraft's aim is to nurture individuals' passion & skills in cooking/baking as a professional career.

The academy has two websites, both of which they are unhappy with the looks of them. These websites represent the academy poorly in terms of the content structure & felt extremely outdated even though the websites were relatively recent. They wanted a totally new, creative & clean website that can showcase their courses well. Furthermore, they insist that their content has to be in dual languages of English & Mandarin.

Initially, orange & black was the theme colour proposed by them, but I decided to use mainly white & orange instead, I felt that the liveliness of their logo & the nature of their business is more suited in the light side. For the fonts, I used Playfair Display as headlines bringing out the artistry feel while complementing it with Source Sans Pro & Microsoft Yahei for mandarin content. Having Mandarin & English in the same content space was challenging, as there were two styles clumped into the same area giving the sense of being overcrowded. To overcome this, I increase the line-spacing of these two fonts even more & allowed more space in the surrounding elements to give some breathing air.

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