Established since 2002 in the heart of Penang island, Sentral Technology College has stood by their mission to develop youths by equipping them with excellent education & empowering them to be responsible adults. In the following decade, the college experienced significant growth & expanded their range of programmes. They then, rebranded to SENTRAL College Penang & to commemorate the change, they shifted to a 14-storey building, which is named Sentral Tower.

Sentral’s initial website had a decent modern web structure to it, however Sentral felt that the website was extremely corporate & does not reflect a college theme, hence they opted for a complete revamp. They also mentioned that, they are keen for any branding visuals proposal for their new website as long as it diverges away from the current style. They had a separated blog website as well, which they wanted it to merge with the new website.

To start off, I created a vibrant slider banner to set up the brand tone while keeping the rest of the mock-up formal. I wanted the slider to stand out visually, so I added students in action paired with some design elements to infuse a sense of excitement which would attract the youth group. Browsing through their corporate identity, I realised that each programme field has their own distinctive colour & icon. I used these colours in the homepage & together with the icons in the product pages to help viewer differentiate the programmes better, which indirectly enhances the overall brand as well.

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