Sea-Ray Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, under their brand name, SR Lifts Specialist, is a company that provides services for attaching indoor decorations, lightings, acoustic systems & banners to high unreachable places. Their inventory of various applications enables them versatility in terms of lifting different kinds of ornaments to many types of ceilings.

Sea-Ray is currently campaigning digitally to bring brand awareness to more potential customers. A landing page will be developed, with brief introductions to Sea-Ray’s primary services while showcasing a variety of successful past projects. Their Corporate Identity (CI) consists of mainly orange on black background, evidently seen in their brochures. Hence, these two colours are to be included in the overall look and feel.

I was able to precisely develop the landing page, with very little deviation from the original mock-up. In the services introduction section, I implemented the reversal colours effect on hover, which was a proposed idea from the designer. To take a step further, I’ve added a subtle fade up animation when revealed, bringing a slight sense of “lifting/rising” for brand emphasis.

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