Sustainable Brands (SB) is a global community platform for brands to communicate, engage, collaborate & inspire innovation through social & environmental challenges for brands to continue thriving in the future. SB conferences are hosted throughout the year at major cities all around the world. Each participating country or region has their own set of committees to oversee & organise the conference event locally.

Sustainable Brands Kuala Lumpur requires an event website for the upcoming conference in October. The website they had for the previous year was not up to par, in terms of the design, structure & flow as compared to their counterparts. This website will be used as the primary platform for people to learn about the event & sign up for it. Spacing between contents was the only concern the client had, while the layout, structure & design for all webpages except the homepage, are up for proposal. Homepage design will be given by them & I can make adjustments to the design but not entirely change the look & feel.

I drew inspiration from their counterparts' websites & understand the need of visual representation that their initial website lacks. I came up with the design that highlights relevant large scale imagery with big bold catchy taglines to really bring out the message they intend to deliver. For the colour scheme, I took a combination of bright light blue from their initial logo & reddish orange as highlight colours, while using a formal blue for important sections & keeping the content section mostly white for a much spacier feel. For the inner page banners, I use a collection of environmental abstracts to remind viewers of their role towards the environment in conjunction with the mission of the event.

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