New Trio Products Sdn Bhd is a company that markets gardening products as well as distributes them to local retailers. Under their brand name, New Trio, they sell packet seeds for a variety of flowers, herbs & vegetables. Other products that they distribute, comes from a mix of home gardening brands, both local & international. New Trio Products Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor for Yates, Australia’s premier home gardening brand, in Malaysia.

Their present website is now over a decade old & they wish to revamp it entirely. They wanted their new website to look less like Yates’, as both carry similar feel, direction & colour tones. Most importantly, the new website must be coming from a lifestyle & family oriented perspectives. They hope for the products to be categories under their respective brands in the product catalog page.

I started the project by imagining myself being in a home garden filled with all sorts of beautiful flowers. This helps me to feel & visualise a sense of refreshment & serenity when it comes to immersing in the beauty of nature. I decided to adopt this sense into my mock-up by using visuals of flowers with people interacting with them. To greater the feel, I kept the mock-up mainly in white & grey, amplifying the sense of freeness while balancing emptiness by placing some flowers & leaves around.

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