City Coin Laundry Sdn Bhd is the company behind the self-service laundry franchise, LaundryBar & its inhouse detergent brand, LaundryBar Home Care. In the past, LaundryBar detergents were dispensed exclusively only in their outlets, but due to the demand of customers wanting to have the products, LaundryBar decided to follow through. LaundryBar Home Care is created with the mission of marketing the detergents to the consumers.

LaundryBar wants the landing page presented in their corporate identity of red, blue & yellow with exceptions of secondary colour mixes of green & some shades of blue. They are very particular about the preciseness of the colour tone & there must not be any alteration. They requested as well, for the “Recognised by more than 10 million satisfied customers” badge, be the utmost highlight of the page followed by the Halal certified badge alongside their two products.

From the corporate identity itself, I understand that the client would expect a vibrant, lively & attractive feel to the landing page. I added real & relatable live objects with a mix of design elements & dynamic layers of shapes to really bring out the sense of human touch while keeping the page eye catching. I was unsure of the style that the client wanted for the main banner display, thus I came up with 3 different banner designs for them to choose.

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