Amatech Engineering Sdn Bhd is a company that specialises in trading, installing, servicing & maintaining heavy duty commercial & industrial water pumps. With 18 years & counting, their expertise in the industry has awarded them 3 international accreditation standards. To ensure the best for their clients, Amatech is able to provide comprehensive maintenance services backed by their team of highly experienced technicians & engineers.

They were fairly satisfied with their existing website & wanted to opt in for Search Engine Optimisation, however the website was not fully compatible, thus website restructuring had to be made from the front-end to the back-end. Hence, a visual upgrade & adding of new features like the product catalog system, would greatly benefit the website in the long run.

Amatech’s website uses light blue as their theme colour, which diverges from their Corporate Identity colour of dark blue and striking red, thus the overall website feels disjointed. Thus for the mock-up, I reintroduce dark blue as the main theme & utilise the red for the Call-to-Action buttons, links & highlighted text. This helps the logo & design complement each other while giving the mock-up a professional industrial look.

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